October 20th – 24th, 2003 Annual Meeting

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October 20th – 24th, 2003

Baltimore, MD/ Washington DC (USA)

Sponsored by the Cement Chemists’ Society. The 6th annual conference of the Cement Chemists’ Society will be a very educational and enjoyable experience. It will be held Oct 20th – 24th, 2002 in Baltimore, MD, USA.

The discussions of the intensive 5 day class is shown below:

Experts In The Cement Industry Will Teach:

  1. Cement Grinding By Way Of Chemistry
  2. Raw Mix Control
  3. Alternative Fuels
  4. Statistics (Prove Your Numbers Are Correct)
  5. Slag Additions
  6. Automation
  7. C-109 Cube Automation
  8. Stack Acid Gas Removal
  9. X-Ray Florescence
  10. Plant Tour
  11. X-Ray Diffraction
  12. Finish Mill Grinding Aids
  13. Cement Materials (Raw & Finish)
  14. Free Lime Tests And Automation
  15. And more

Last year thirty six people attended and our goal this year is to have thirty-eight. I expect the same educational value and comradery that cement chemists experienced last year. All who attend will benefit and expand their knowledge. We all have something in common and share this desire for improvement.

Hope to see you in Baltimore!

Thank you,

David Dobson

President of the Cement Chemists' Society

PO Box 702791

Dallas, TX 75370

Email: CCSociety@aol.com

The Cement Chemists' Society has been serving the Cement Chemists' community since 1997. We specialize in organizing educational seminars in which the Cement Chemist can interact with Expert Consultants, Vendors, and other Cement Chemists.


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