2001 - September 17th - 21st - Wash, DC

Rescheduled Oct 29th - Nov 2nd Dallas, Texas

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2001 - September 17th - 21st - Washington, DC
Rescheduled Oct 29th - Nov 2nd Dallas, TX


Fourth Annual
October 29th to November 2nd, 2001
Dallas, TX

The fourth annual Cement Chemists' Society meeting was a success, even after being postponed! After the terrorist act and with input from all attendees it was decided to reschedule our meeting that was to be held in Washington, DC on September 17th to 21st to Dallas, TX on October 29th to November 2nd. The meeting took place at the Holiday Inn Select Hotel. It was a complete experience for the Cement Chemist. Thirty people were in attendance along with fifteen speakers. During the meeting very beneficial information was shared. Friends and colleagues made great industry contacts.

Listed below are the presentations and the over all class views and comments.

1. X-Ray Fluorescence Spectroscopy
2. X-Ray fluxing Techniques
3. TXI Cement Plant Tour
4. Alternative Fuels
5. Microscopy Preparation
6. Understanding Cement Hydration
7. Grinding aids
8. Raw mill Grinding aids
9. Introduction To Concrete
10. Quarry Explosives
11. Raw Mix Slag Additions, and more

Attendants evaluation to what was the best part of the whole conference?

1. The presentations! There were many excellent ones, it was difficult to pick a best presentation. I learned a lot!
2. Concrete info, technical info on procedures such as fluxer, the exchange of ideas between peers, and info in a comfortable setting.
3. The interaction between conference attendants.
4. Very relevant program, warm ambiance, strong interaction between participants, activities, and conference very well organized.
5. Plant tour
6. Presentations - Concrete, X-ray, fluxing techniques, and grinding aids.
7. Meeting people and making contacts.
8. Whole conference was great! See you next year!

The Cement Chemists' Society has been serving the Cement Chemists' community since 1997. We specialize in organizing educational seminars in which the Cement Chemist can interact with Expert Consultants, Vendors, and other Cement Chemists.

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