2004 - September 13th - 17th - Rapid City, SD

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Seventh Annual



September 13th to September 17th, 2004

Rapid City, SD

The Seventh Annual Cement Chemists' Society meeting was a success! The meeting took place at the Holiday Inn Hotel. It was a complete experience for the Cement Chemist. Fifteen speakers shared their knowledge. During the meeting, very beneficial information was shared. Friends and colleagues made great industry contacts.

Listed below are some of the presentations and the over all class views and comments.


1.    Raw Mix Chemistry

2.    Clinker Chemistry

3.    Cement Chemistry

4.    Mineralizers

5.    Alternative Fuels

6.    Raw Material Additions

7.    Automation

8.    Introduction to Concrete

9.    Plant Tour

10.    X-Ray Florescence

11.    Samplers

12.    X-Ray Diffraction

13.    Grinding Aids

14.    Cement Materials (Raw & Finish)

15.    ASTM Testing

16.    And more

Attendant’s evaluation to what was the best part of the whole conference:

1.    The whole conference was great!

2.    Technical Information.

3.    Conference was a 10+ ( on scale of 1 to 10)

4.    Cement Chemistry and Microscopy

5.    The breadth of presentations

6.    The course was great for new people and ones like myself with years of cement living. Great refresher!

7.    Talk on chemistry as it impacts brick. Talk on "on-line" analysis and integrated lab set up.

8.    New and old friends

9.    Cement Cement Cement information!!!

10.    Speakers of this caliber are great.

11.   Presentations were thorough and well presented.


The Cement Chemists' Society has been serving the Cement Chemists' community since 1997. We specialize in organizing educational seminars in which the Cement Chemist can interact with Expert Consultants, Vendors, and other Cement Chemists.

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