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Membership Importance


The Importance Of Renewing Your Membership

 The most direct support you can offer the Cement Chemistsí Society is by renewing your membership every year.  Renewing your professional membership gives the Cement Chemistsí Society recognition of the benefits you have gained through your Cement Laboratory Position and will allow us to continue to develop the profession and support our professional members.

 Our professional community is only as effective as the members who are in it. Please, communicate the benefits of the Cement Chemistsí Society to your colleagues in the business world.  Explain how our training programs can move them forward in their careers.


The Benefits Of Renewing Your Cement Chemistsí Society Membership

 Renewing your Cement Chemistsí Society membership will give you the opportunity to preserve all your membership benefits, including:

 Continue to develop your critical leadership abilities to react to changing manufacturing conditions

 Assist in the continued development of your profession

 Access to high-profile job opportunities in the Cement Manufacturing field

 Network with key professionals and corporations in the industry

 Opportunities to attend conferences and events including refresher education and training

 Maintain best practices for your organization's Quality Control standards

 Regular newsletters and industry updates e-mailed or mailed to your doorstep

 Your Cement Chemistsí Society designation in your profession confirms your dedication and critical role in both the industry and your company.

 If you only learn one thing or make one new contact a year is that worth the small cost of the membership in the Cement Chemistsí Society?

 It also adds certification and credibility to ones job description.



The Cement Chemists' Society has been serving the Cement Chemists' community since 1997. We specialize in organizing educational seminars in which the Cement Chemist can interact with Expert Consultants, Vendors, and other Cement Chemists.


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